Women's Wear Daily Does Football: Quarterback Style Ratings

Football talk on Women's Wear Daily--not a pairing you'd expect to see. However, I stumbled upon a little gem on the Mensweek section of WWD that did exactly that. They featured a "Rating the Quarterbacks" piece, ranking the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL based on a variety of factors. Level of play counted for less than half of the overall score. How fun! Or so I thought, until I took a close look at the rankings and rationale.

I keep looking at the scores and shaking my head. The conclusions drawn are almost as offensive as the perennial "Who's better, Manning or Brady" argument. For those who contributed to Mensweek's project, the answer to the question of who's the best quarterback in terms of overall panache is Tom Brady. Booooo.

My boy Peyton Manning was done totally wrong in these ratings. He received a 4.5/10 in the personal style category. The only QB who scored less is Ben Rapelisberger. That is unduly harsh. The full category name is "Personal Style (including hair)," and somehow Brady and his famously awful hair received a 7.5/10. How. Rude.

In the genetics category, whatever that means, Peyton only received 6.75/10. The man is 6'5 and has arms and, er, assets to die for. I think he deserves at least an 8. Brady got 9.5/10. And then the hunk factor rating--only 3.75/10 for Peyton, versus 9.25/10 for Tommy Boy. I know several women who disagree--personally I find Brady to be tremendously creepy. Manning's comedic gifts add to his overall appeal. Add that to the height and aforementioned other gifts, and you've got a swoon worthy quarterback.

Photo: Peyton Manning at training camp showing off some of his genetic blessings


Mike Vick appears on the rankings with an overall rating that puts him at number 9 on the list. He was robbed in the personal style category, getting a 6.75/10. You already know that I'm a fan of Vick's style. The inclusion of a "Legal Woes" category in the ratings dragged down Vick's overall score considerably.

One of the few areas where Mensweek got it right was their assessment of the Jerk Quotient. This is one area where Brady rightly beat out almost every other quarterback in the top 10, receiving a 4.75/10. I, of course, would argue that that score should be upped considerably. Likeable QBs Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Matt Ryan received the same score of 0.75/10. Mark Sanchez received a 1.75, and Jay Cutler amusingly received a 5/10 in this category.

The full chart and scores are below. Do you agree or disagree with the ratings?

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