You Knew It Was Coming:The Brett Favre Wants to Return To Football Rumors Are Here!

It's just not the lead-up to an NFL season if there aren't rumors of The Sports Muse's favorite hot mess, Brett Favre, wanting to return to the NFL. This year the rumor wasn't started by Favre's own legendary wishy-washiness, but by the musings of NFL analyst Gil Brandt.

I mean duh. Of course Brett Favre wants to return to football. He has clearly demonstrated with his multitude of retirements-then-returns to the game that he doesn't have any hobbies.  We saw last year (literally. Ick.) just how well the Favre-ster does with having idle time (Crocs, anyone?). And it ain't pretty.

All of this is fine and good and to be expected. But the reality is that no one wants this old man and his purple hand back in the NFL. There is a crop of good, recently drafted young quarterbacks, and the landing spot of Eagles backup QB Kevin Kolb is the talk of the NFL. There is no need and no room for a 40-plus year-old quarterback who can't perform in the league. Hopefully Deanna is kicking ole Brett Lorenzo on a daily basis to figure out his post-NFL life. He's a big enough name that he should be able to find several ways to keep one foot in the game. So long as that foot isn't on the football field.

As a reminder of all of the stomach-churning-but-laughter-inducing drama that is Brett Favre, have another look at the hilarious "What Should I Do" spoof that made the rounds earlier this year.



I feel dirty admitting it, but I kinda miss Brett. Simply because every summer needs a train wreck to divert your attention from reality.

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