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Shaq's Halloween Costume

Shaq had fun this Halloween. Anyone who has seen the video of him showing off his costume and Halloween persona can attest to this. Viewers of the clip may now be in a catatonic state after seeing the ginormous, heavily tattooed basketball player dressed up and lip syching as his female alter ego, Shaqeeta, but they are undoubtedly comforted in the knowledge that Shaquille O'Neal had a good Halloween. Perhaps what is most disturbing about this clip is the fact that, um, Shaq kind of did an awesome job in his faux singing and dancing performance. I can't explain it.

Allen Iverson Heads to Turkey

Photo: AP/Stephen Chernin

Former Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson has signed a 2 year, $4 million deal with Turkish basketball club Besikta. The former NBA All-Star Iverson's days in the NBA are finished. 

LeBron and Nike Answer the Haters

This week marked the start of the 2010-2011 NBA season. And that meant that the world would finally have a chance to have a look at LeBron James added Miami Heat. Only time will tell if the team warrants the amount of hype it has been given, and given themselves, in the off season.

Root for This Man in the World Series

The World Series starts this evening. Sadly, it will not feature the Philadelphia Phillies. Wondering who to root for? Root for this man.

Texas Rangers ace and former Phillie Cliff Lee. Root for him because he is just that good. His ERA during the playoffs is 0.75. Tonight he goes head to head with Tim Lincecum (bleah), whose ERA is a shabby 1.93 ERA in comparison thus far in the post season.

Junkgate: The Brett Favre Saga

Brett Favre. 2010 has not been his year. I don't even know where to start. I could and perhaps should devote a blog entirely to the shenanigans in that man's life. However, I will start with the events of summer 2010. Otherwise, we'd be here all day.

No More Champagne for The 2010 Phillies

October 2010. Red October. The month when Phillies fans expected the team to go deep into the playoffs, and hopefully reach its 3rd straight World Series appearance. It certainly seemed as if the Phillies were headed that way. The first game of the playoffs for the team was a history making no hitter pitched by Roy Halladay. That series ended with the Phillies sweeping the Cincinatti Reds and winning the NLDS. As Halladay said, things were getting a whole lot funner.

Fashion Offense: Tony Romo

The 2010 NFL season has just finished Week 6 and it has been full of surprises. No undefeated teams remaining, and many of the teams with the best records are not the ones that were predicted in the preseason.

Fashion Offense: Brian Wilson

It's moments after the Phillies 3-0 loss to the San Francisco Giants. Phillies fans are hopeful but concerned. The team is down 2-1 in the NLCS series and the team has two more games to play in San Francisco. There is no more room for error.

Brett Favre's Sexting Controversy, As Seen by Someecards

So much to say about Brett Favre's latest drama, so little time. I have much to say about Brett and the alleged sexting scandal, which I call Junkgate. Sadly, no one thought to coordinate the breaking of this drama with my schedule. A blog post on this topic is forthcoming.

TV's Love Affair with Ryan Howard Continues

Ryan Howard is everywhere these days. The way it should be. You can find him on the baseball field, as the Philadelphia Phillies continue with a run deep in to the playoffs. He continues to appear in Subway commercials. He's tested his acting chops with an appearances on "Entourage" and a forthcoming episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." It is clear--television loves Ryan Howard.

And who can blame them? With his talent, that winning smile, those dimples, and his clean cut image, Ryan Howard is appealing to everyone. 

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