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Jimmy Rollins: Philadelphia Play of the Weekend

CSN Philly this morning declared Jimmy Rollins' amazing slide to home in the 12th inning of last night's Philies v. Padres game as their play of the day. Though the weekend has just begun, I think J-Roll's impressive feat may just be the play of the weekend. The fact that he slid into home and won the game for the Phils is worthy of accolades in and of itself. But the fact that he avoided being tagged with the out, slid wide, then hit the base with his hand for the win?  Gorgeous.

Every Time I hear the Diamondbacks referred to as the "D-Backs" ...

...I think I hear "d-bags." And then, startled, I have to turn and really focus on the story. This happens Every. Single. Time. Am I the only one with this affliction?

Fashion Offense: Eli Manning

Watching Comcast Sportsnet a few minutes ago, I see Eli Manning being interviewed. I am half paying attention, then see something horrible. Eli's outfit. Shorts and LOAFERS. Loafers without socks. I cannot stand men in flip flops, and loafers sans socks is overtaking that look as my all time biggest male fashion pet peeve.  Were you not told in advance that you were doing an interview for television, Mr. Manning?

Tom Brady, Your Hair Makes Me Hate You More

Tom Brady said this week that he doesn't like "Hard Knocks" because he doesn't like the New York Jets. My NFL allegiances are with neither team the Patriots nor the Jets, but Brady's dislike of the Jets makes me like them a whole lot more.

You Don't Have to Like Football to Enjoy "Hard Knocks"

You Don't Have to Like Football to Enjoy HBO's "Hard Knocks"

How Many 3 Year Olds Can He Possibly Have?

Have you seen this video? One word--wow. From the HBO show "Hard Knocks," which I checked out for the 1st time earlier today. Antonio Cromartie is featured talking about the importance of family and being a good husband and father, while telling you a bit about his children. Have a look. And after you watch, please answer the question posed in the title of this post and get back to me. I lost count. 

Phasionable Phillies

Last Monday, the Philadelphia Phillies turned out to strut their stuff to help teammate Shane Victorino's charity, the Shane Victorino Foundation. So many athletes are built like models--tall and lean--so a turn at modeling is a natural progression. I especially love seeing handsome athletes know how to work their style out of uniform. I've selected some of my favorite looks from the Phillies on the runway from the event. A great cause and a fun look at some of my favorite athletes off of the baseball field. I am sure my invitation was lost in the mail.

Indecision 2010

No, this post isn't about this fall's mid-term elections. It's about the subject of my previous blog topic, Mr. Brett Favre. The hot mess-ness continued yesterday, after he decided he had enough of being a lazy oaf in Mississippi and showed up at training camp for the Minnesota Vikings. Just in time for it to be over. He also chose to finally address his intentions for the season.  The ridiculously indecisive quarterback said that he will return to the Minnesota Vikings for his 20th, and so he says, final, NFL season.

Brett Favre: My Favorite Sports Hot Mess Story

Why is Brett Favre such a hot mess? Perhaps the better question is, why does his hot mess-ness fascinate me so much? I suppose it's all human nature. It's hard to turn away from a train wreck. I love football but admittedly don't know a lot about contracts and such--but I simply don't get it. How come the man is allowed to keep his team hostage? Why can he just hang out and miss training came and come back IF he is healthy? Shouldn't he have determined that prior to the start of training camp?!

LeBron, I'm Not Mad at Ya

The country has gone a bit insane in its reaction to LeBron James having a primetime special on ESPN to announce his intentions in the NBA for the next several years. The Miami Heat won his affections, while the New York Knicks and his former home of Cleveland Cavs lost. Cleveland should be used to losing, so I'm not sure of the big deal there.That's part of why the self-appointed "King James" chose to go to Miami. But LeBron jerseys in that city were burned, murals torn down.

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